Friday, May 30, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Friday, May 30th, 2014

Good morning! I have spend the last hour grossing myself out. I have been looking up spiders. I' not a huge van of spiders, but I will not kill any either. I believe all creatures have a reason. Spiders have one to eat my mosquito. I have been finding them everywhere though. I found a clear on in the garden, and a black and white one in the car. I just want to know more about them. Lucky they won't hurt me!

yellow sac spider
Yellow Sac Spider
Today's Goals
  1. Gardening ~ I want to pull the rest of the weeds around the garden box and plant tomatoes, and green beans.
  2. Gardening ~ I want to weed the rest of the strawberries are and plant the borage.
  3. Gardening ~ Weed the driveway bed and plant onions, okra, and white peppers.
  4. Pets ~ Finish up the Rabbit hutch
  5. House ~ Start to get it clean for Sunday
Jumping Spider
I have a lot to get done today. What are you doing? I hope not wasting your day looking up spiders.

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