Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gardening - 1st Week After My Last Frost - Pallet Beds

I have been following 100 dollars a week and love her idea for pallet bed gardening. Using pallets have made easier for me to expand my gardening without costing a lot. 

It wasn't hard to get them ready! All I did was add the dirt and then the seedings. I have decided to try my beans in them first. 
As of now, I'm not planning the pallet beds as raised beds. The reason being I only add 80 pounds of dirt. I'm thinking next year there will be a lot more dirt and they will be planted as raised beds. 
I also only have 2 beds planted as of now. I planted my kidney beans and Lima bean in them. I will use another one for Brussels sprouts. Then in August I will start my fall crops of lettuce and cabbage in them. 
I'm so excite to see how they work! Have you ever used pallet garden? 

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