Friday, May 30, 2014

Gardening - Gardening Tour - Around the Garden Fence

Spring 2014
There is so much going on in the gardens this spring!! 

Left side of the outside of the garden

Around the garden fence, I like to plant climbing veggies. I think it adds a wonderful effect around the garden. Plus it uses an area that might not used other wise. Also the plants and fence work together. They support each other. 
This year I'm working on planting my transplants and weeding the vine that has decide to take over. 

Onions and Rich Sweet melon
I did get the front of the fence weed and planted, well until the chickens decide to eat my seeds. I'm going to pot plant the seeds and transplant in two weeks. Right now I have onion, Rich Sweetness 132 melon on the inside of the front fence, on the right side.  I will plant my zucchini on the outside of the fence once it grows. I do have 3 pots planted next to the garden too. One with strawberries, one asparagus, and the last one grapes. 

Garlic and Apple Melon

On the left side of the front fence I have garlic and apple melon growing. I am so excite to see how the apple melon grows and what it will taste. On the outside of the fence will be the same as the outside of the right. 
Peppers and Tomatoes
I'm working on the right side of the fence I am planting peppers and tomatoes on the inside. I got all 12 of my pepper plants planted. I only got 4 of my tomato plants planted. I have 8 more to go. 
My Garden
I am also working on the inside of the back of the fence. I am planting my wax beans and green beans there. I got my wax beans planted. I planted 24 plants in two weeks I will plant 24 seeds in between so they keep growing throughout the season. I do have to plant green beans still but there is so much vine. I am working on weeding. 

Zinnia and yellow squash
On the left side of the fence. I started to work on the outside of the fence. I planted Zinnias and yellow squash! I have about 6-7 yellow squash plants. Mmmm I can't wait to grill some up! 

Hope you like the tour!! How is your garden coming along? 

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