Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gardening ~ 2nd Week After Last Frost 2014 - Weekly Goal

       I know this is getting posted late, but I took the weekend off and enjoy some time in the garden and the holiday with my family. Most of this week will be catching up on getting my transplant plant. There are still a few plans that I need to get planted in pot and planted back outside.

My Busy Garden
Weekly Goals
  1. Weeding - Weed a garden box for 10 minutes a day  This give me a chance to keep up on the weeds.
  2. Seeds - I need to still plant Brussels sprouts, sunflowers, and zucchinis into pot. I was planning to plant them right into the garden but the chicks keep digging up the plants. 
  3. Transplants- I want to work on transplanting my seedlings into the garden. I have several plants to into the garden box, this might take a little while. I really wanted to get the Borage, the tomatoes, and okra into the garden boxes this week! 
  4. Garden box 4 - I want to add dirt plant the wheat and Brussels spouts. 
  5. Driving Garden box - I need to clean up the daffodil leaves and plant everything that I want to go into the boxes. I'm thinking onions, okra, white peppers, and beets. 

There's so much going on this week and not much time to get it done.  I feel like I'm so behind. How are you doing in your garden? 

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