Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Food Storage/Couponing - Target Deals for May 18th - 24th

This week is a great week to make some money! You spend $9 out of pocket then leave with $13 in gift cards and product!

I would do 2 transactions! 

Transaction 1 
3 Swiffer Dusters starter kits $14.97
      3($2/1)                            -$6.00
                  Pay $8.79

Get $10 back in gift cards!

Transaction 2 
2 Dr. Scholl's ball                 $10.97
      2($2.50/1)TG 2($2/1)P     $9.00
Use gift card for above $1.97
         Have $8.03 on the gift card
             Get another gift card for $5.00
End up with $13.03, and over $4.00

You can find the coupons links on 

What are you getting this week? How is your food storage stockpile? 

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