Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekly Goals ~ May 6th-13th, 2014

Having yearly goals  helps me focus on thing and the way I'm loving my life. I set a lot of goals for 2014 and to accomplish them; I need to break them up to bite size pieces. So I break them up weekly.

Weekly Goals
  1. Work ~ this week I work three to half days. 
  2. Gardening ~ I want to clear out all my garden boxes and start to plant plants in. 
  3. Gardening ~ do another garden tour around the yard
  4. Gardening ~ post about everything I've harvested down the garden already
  5. Cooking ~ stick to menu
  6. Reading ~ work on reading "Greene on Greene" by Bert Greene
  7. Mother's day ~ I'm so excited! I will get a lot of help in the garden! Also I have annual breakfast with my mom and Tutu! After that I have church. It will be an awesome day!
  8. Exercise ~ I hope to walk the dog 5 times this week for 1/2. Also do daily exercise all week. Three days this week build up my elliptical time.  
  9. Family ~ I want to play 2 games of volley ball or bat-mitten this week.  
  10. Gardening ~ help my boss get her garden planted!! 
This Week is going to be a lot of outside time! I'm so excited to get to it. What are you doing this week?

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