Friday, May 9, 2014

Rabbits- Welcoming Baby Bunnies

Please welcome our newest addition to our homestead! Six New Zealand Baby bunnies!

New Zealand Rabbits day one
We thought mama was pregnant but weren't sure. We decided going to go and buy her a nesting box. But I decided I wanted to clean out her cage before we left. While we were cleaning out her cage it's starting to move! 
To my surprise there were little baby bunnies. The first two day's we didn't know how any. I didn't want to touch them. By day 3, I checked the and there was 6! I'm so excited!

Our little homestead
 2 Adults
 1 child
 1 dog
 1 cat
 4  Rhode Island Red chickens
 2 New Zealand Rabbits
 6 New Zealand Bunnies

We are going into my little farm, that I have been dreaming about.

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