Monday, May 5, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Monday, May 5th, 2014

Good Morning, I had such a horrible time falling asleep last night. I was up until 1am. That is so late I normal fall asleep around 10pm. I did sleep in a little made hubby coffee and then back to bed until 7am. Now little one is off to school and hubby is at work. Everyone is feed. I am good to go!

Skipper waiting for me to be done blogging lol
Today's Goals
  1.  Cleaning ~ I want to clean the living room and kitchen today.
  2. Cooking ~ Write up the menu for the week
  3. Gardening ~ Weed Garden Box 2 and Garden Box 3
  4. Pets ~ Spend some one on one tie with each pet. Clean out the chicken coop, and let the bunnies run around.
  5. Church ~ Today is the day I have my activity meeting planning with the ladies from church! I'm so excited.
What are your plans today? What do you have planned in the garden?

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