Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rabbits - Week one with My New Zealand Baby Bunnies

week and half old White New Zealand bunny

I can't believe my baby bunnies are already a week old. They are so cute. This age, nobody other than I are picking up the bunnies just because mommy is not okay with other people even looking into her cage. So I'm sorry the pictures that little blurry but I'm really wanting him and holding a baby taking pictures not that easy. 
It is really need to watch the bunnies and watch them grow. Also found out a lot anything. One is that a mommy bunny only feeds the babies once a day. Her milk is so rich that it'll fill them up all day. 
I didn't separate my male and female bunny. The mail doesn't seem to really care about the baby bunnies and doesn't even really go where thereat so I feel it there safe. When I did separate them he was very depressed so I didn't want to risk his health when he's not messing with the bunnies. My bunnies were only separate for an hour if that. 

Little Black Baby Bunny
I still take mom and dad out for an hour or two a day and put them into the new pen and let them hop around. I feel like the bunnies still need the exercise I need that running around space. I also want to get them used to the new hutch so that when the baby bunnies are a little bigger we can put them all outside. 
Little White Baby Bunny
I am so excited to watch my little homestead grow! Even though these bunnies are adorable I do still realize that we are planning on eating them as a healthier organic substitute for the meat that we now. I keep reminding everyone and my little one that we got these bunnies to give them a better life than what the animals we eat now are living. These animals won't be trapped to where they can't move and will know what love is fresh food and being with the family.

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