Monday, May 19, 2014

Gardening - 1st week After Last Frost 2014 - Weekly Goals

 This week is going to be a busy week! I have so many seedling to transplant into the garden. It still very cold in the morning so it hard to get out before work.
My gardening is starting to expand


Weekly Gardening Goals
  1. Expand the Garden- My Girls decide to eat my pea seedlings. I decided that doing the pallets gardens outside the fence was a horrible idea. 
  2. Plant Garden Bed 4 - This bed is going to have wheat planted in it. I will also plant some Brusel Spouts in it for the little one. 
  3.  Pallet beds - I want to plant my all my bean plants that are growing fast. 
  4. Weeding - this week starts the daily weeding a garden box a day! It is the only way I know how to keep up on all the weeds!! 
  5.  Seeds - I'm going to plant some more sunflower seeds in the pots. That way I can transplant them in the garden when they are a little bigger. This time I'm doing little sunflowers like Aprocite sunflowers and icing sunflowers. 

What are you doing this week in the garden? What do you have planted already? 

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