Monday, May 26, 2014

Gardening tip - Using Clovers As Live Mulch

When weed out your garden, make sure you leave the good weeds!

I keep my clover

I leave white clover in my garden bed for many reasons. 
  • One reason is they work as a live mulch. They help keep bad weeds out. They also help shade the soil which will help keep it moist. 
  • Another reason is they are health for you. You can take them you get over a cold faster. There are many other Health Benefits from them. 
  • One of the best reason I keep them in my garden box is the attract good bugs, like bees. 
  • They also fix nitrogen in the soil. They add it to the soil. 
  • They last reason and one you will here a lot about is my bunnies will eat it. They love clovers! This will be another crop that I will harvest mainly to feed the bunnies. 

What plants do you think are weed but you keep them anyway and why? 

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