Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gardening - What are garlic Scraps

Garlic Scraps
I posted in April's Harvest about Garlic Scraps. I had a few people ask me what Garlic scraps are and what do I use them for. 

What are garlic scraps? 
They are the top of the garlic plant. They have a light garlic taste and can be harvest from the time you see them until your harvest your garlic. Harvest the top of the garlic is good for your garlic bulbs, because it make the plant focus on growing the bulb. 

What do I use them for? 
I use them to cook with. I will substitute them in for garlic. This is very useful because most of my garlic from last year is gone. Hubby also likes this,because he isn't a huge garlic fan and it has a mild taste.  

Have you ever used garlic scraps? Do you have a favorite recipe for it? 

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