Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Good Morning, Okay you live to close to your neighbors if you can hear their radio alarm clock at 4am! I'm so sleepy and that didn't help. Plus its cold out. Sorry, I'm cranky.

My Beefsteak Tomatoes

Today's Goals
  1. Work ~ I work from 8am to 6pm tonight. I have all the little ones. We are going to make placemats.
  2. Gardening ~ Weed an area in the fence and plant 2 tomato plants. I can't wait to have fresh tomatoes!
  3. Gardening ~ Bring potting soil to work and start to plant more seeds. I still need sunflowers, and zucchini. I am also hoping to plant so more flower plants.
  4. Family time ~ Tonight is my father's Birthday. We are going over for cake and ice cream tonight.
Only 4 goals today. I' not going to be home most of the day. What are your goals today?

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