Friday, May 9, 2014

Gardening- Asparagus

Green Asparagus need to harvest Asap

Asparagus usually up in early spring between the last two weeks of April and the first week of May. 

Asparagus seems to be an easy crop the grow. I've planted the roots in the fall,  and then the asparagus comes up in spring. Many books that I have read say do not harvest the first year's crop. The asparagus is too little to eat and it doesn't give enough time for the roots to grow. I don't know how true this is a new people that have harvest the first year's crop but I've always just let it go the first year. 

Picking her Favorite Veggie
As soon as my little one finds Asparagus the garden; she is normally picking it and eating it raw. I'm lucky to get any in the house or even have a chance of weighing  it. 
Harvesting them with Scissors
It isn't very hard to harvest your asparagus.  All you really need is scissors and you should be good to go. We cut the asparagus at the base and then go inside rinse it off. 

I think the best part about asparagus is it the one time buy, because it is a perennial plant!!  Yes that initial $4.00 for one root is worth it in the end. 

Do you grow asparagus? 

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