Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Little Homestead- More Bunnies!!!

I can't believe that my little homestead grow again!! Ivory had more babies! I don't know how this ones are going to make out though. I had to move them. The cage wasn't clean at all, and she keep moving them trying to find a spot for them. I know, I sound like a horrible owner, but I was plan on clean the cage the day she had them and with them outside most of the time the cage inside wasn't ready for her to give birth.
Plus the fact that there were already 2 parents and 6 babies in the cage. 
I moved the babies into the old cage, and put the new bunnies in a nesting box area. 
I feel like a horrible owner right now. I love my bunnies, and I have to keep up on the cages better. Now I have 3 rabbit hutch to clean!! 
We welcome 8 more babies to the family! Now I wonder if I really should sperate the mom and dad. But they are so attach I'm worried about separating them. 
Do you guys have any advise? Any help would do. 

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