Monday, December 31, 2012

Deals at CVS this Week! December 30- Jan 5th

Plan CVS Run

  When I plan to go to CVS today I prepped like I normal do. I look though the circular, the match the coupons I have and write down the way the run should go.

For this week I only fund a little that I wanted.
  Dawn Soap was $.99 - I had a coupon for $1 off two but it had to be the hand care one
  Candy Bar $.75- you get that back in store money
  Sudden Sleep $2.87 - You get that back in store money

I had $6 off the store from a previous trip, which was over next Sunday.

Here was the plan;
8 Dawn soaps $8.00
1 Sudden Sleep $2.87
1 Candy Bar $0.75
Total $11.62
Coupons -$4.00
Store Money -$6.00
Out of Pocket $1.62
Store money gotten back $3.62

   Plan work great! The store had everything I wanted and everything went through perfectly! I only paid $1.59 for everything and saved $18.56. Plus now I have $3.62 to the store!

My CVS buy 12/31/12
 List of other Deals CVS go to money saving mom!
 What did you get this week and how much did you save? I maked back 1/2 my newspaper money!

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