Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yesterday's Hardwork :)

Garden Box 3
Yesterday my goal was to work on my garden box 3. As you can see my garden box need some TLC! We  a branch fall in the garden during Hurricane Sandy. Hubby cut it up for me.
 After picking up the branches and there was only a little grass in the bed! In to the compost bin with it.
Compost bin
We will use our compost bin, until spring and then close it up for a year. That way everything had time to decompose. I have one bin composing for the spring that have been sitting for spring!
Garden Box 3
Now my garden box is clean and ready for spring of this year! I could not have done it without my little helpers! The chicks ran around eating stuff, and Skipper decided he would help weed by eating the grass!

Skipper and Chicks -Houdini, Feathers
Did you get out into the garden before the storm? Do you work on weeding your garden before spring or do you wait until spring?

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