Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday~ December 28, 2012 Goals

Today I slept in. Hubby is off tonight and I want to be able to spend some time with him! He did bring me home a nice cup of Wawa Coffee! MMMmmm I'm so blessed to have an amazing man! It is 39* out but feels nice! Maybe get outside and get some outside work done before the snow comes tonight.
Today Goals!

1. Get my little one form her father's house at 4pm. I can't wait to have her home!!! It has been a long week without her!

2. Work on household chores - Dishes, bathroom

3. Weed -Garden Box 3 leave chicken out while I'm outside

4. Run errands- We want to go to Zerns and have to look at a generator Hubby found for only $75. (We have decide that with the meat we have in the house we want a generator, therefore if we lose power we won't lose our meats)

5. Family Movie night! I'm thinking we hit the Red box and grab a movie to watch with the little one and a grown up movie for us! I'm going to grab the popcorn maker out of the basement and make some popcorn too!


What are your goals for the day? Anything fun?

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