Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gardening ~ 20 weeks before my last frost

   Gardening                                                                               December 2, 2012

According to my records I’m around 20 weeks from my last frost.  This is great news because I get to start my book over! This is the first year I’m using this book full year, last year I picked it up in the middle of the year. The book I’m using is Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook.  This book will give you week by week task, to help you have an amazing garden. I will be following this book. I’ll give you a idea of what I’m doing though the book, and on my own. This book will give you more in deep on how to do it.

Here are my goals for this week, for the garden!
1.       Inventory seeds, and see what I have. ~ check grow dates for each plant
2.       Inventory gardening tools
3.       Remove Spoiled seeds
4.       Inventory supplies for what to grow more or less of this year

I’m hoping to have time to work on this stuff on my days off this week. This is an easy task, which I don’t have to be home to do. If I need to I can take my seeds to work and go though them. I do know though there are some seeds I’m not going to try to open until I need them later in the winter. (They are in a glass jar in the freezer. I will pull them out and organize them when I need the lettuce seeds.)

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