Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday December 31, 2012 - Daily Goals

Today is the last day of the year; I love knowing a new year is coming with new goals coming! I can say to you, I have my last load of wash in the dryer for the year! I love New Year’s because it’s a new being for so many things. This year was one for the books, I have an amazing job were I got prepaid so I could buy my new car! I found out the court system suck and don't care about the past, only the present, when I was fighting for custody of my daughter (10 year of her live I was the primary parent, but dad decide he want to be a father and gets 50/50 ugh). I watch my daughter start to figure out who she is and what she stands for. Hubby and I have gotten closer, and enjoy our time alone (never had it before). I got my chicks! Worked in my garden and made a wonderful new friend, who has become one of my best. I got to say hi to my newest nephew. I started blogging and a Facebook page on garden. Meet back up withhold an old friend and decided I can’t figure out why we stop talking and love that we have so much in common. I can look at this year and say I broke even. Hoping that next year treats us a little better, and letting this year go the good and the bad moving on to next year with wishful eyes and an open heart! I know God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. Having the best people in my life that back me up, so here is to the New Year!!
Onion trick did not work, Cass ended up with the stomach bug that her friend had this weekend! It seems to have a 3 day period. Therefore I’m looking to get sick on Thursday night. At least I’m off on Friday. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of it fast?

Today Goals!

1. Clean the Living-room, and stick to the cleaning routine for the week. (I will post more about this in another post!)

2. Pay bills- Ugh I hate this one you see your money come in and then see it go out!!

3. Run errands- Go to the gym, Cvs, Rite Aid and post office.

4. Read 50 pg of Family Feast for $75 a month.

5. Set Goals for 2013.


How did you do on you goals from yesterday? I got 4/5 done today! Making goals means setting a limited for what you want to get done and working toward it. I did finish the basement and start to take inventory of my stock pile. I also did all my running plus we picked up a pellet gun for my daughter to start to learn on. Cass did want to play outside yesterday, and her and her stepfather had a blast on the quads! We did finish our project. Came out quit good, for the first sewing project either of us have done. Worked on my books, and tried to be organized about that. What are your goals for the day? Anything fun?


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