Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012- Daily Goals

Onion trick seem to work for my daughter. She felt a lot better around one. Hubby asked me to take it out of our bedroom; he would rather get sick then smell, like a hoagie. He had a point. I don’t think Cass could smell so it didn’t get to her. Nothing special today just hang out and clan the house today!

Today Goals!

1. Clean the Office is today project! It is a mess hubby leaves him military stuff on the guest bed.

2. Work on clean the basement – I want to clean in fount of the washer, take out the trash, and wipe down washer and dryer.

3. Run errands- I have to run to giant and grab 4 newspapers. I might stop and see my brother today too. Oh return Red Box movies!

4. Then maybe time allowing we might make the craft. She might decide to spend her time playing on the quad with her stepfather, which is fine it is her weekend. I have everything we need, but if she doesn’t want to; we can hold off.

5. Work on Business books- Close one customer’s account for the year.


How did you do on you goals from yesterday? I got 3/5 done. I got the house clean; it took longer than I wanted. I bought everything that belonged in the basement back down and start to clean it up. Cass decided she want was feeling better and wanted to play in the snow, she spent most of her time at her friend’s house and outside. I did help hubby with the quad, and he got them both up and running. Neighbors most have loved it at 8:30-9:30pm they both were final up and working so both my daughter and hubby took a ride. I end up just watching movie and then off to bed. Working for 5/5 today! What are your goals for the day? Anything fun?

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