Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2013 - Daily goals

It is snowing! I love looking at snow, but I don’t like anything else about it! Cass isn’t feeling well, so it is herbal tea, with honey, cinnamon and Echinacea. Hoping we can stop the cold fast and she doesn’t have to have drug store medicine. If she needs it, yes I will give it to her, but she has no fever or anything other than a stuffy nose. We are also trying the onion trick; it is where you cut open an onion and leave it in the house or next to the sick person. It is believe to suck up all the cold germs in the house. This is my first time trying it. I have only read about it. My daughter came home and asked for it because it is what her stepmother does. I will to try anything to keep the medicine she takes low. Here to trying.

Today Goals!

1. Clean the house, and spray it down with tea tree oil. ~ Tea tree only is oil that can be mixed with water and used like Lysol. I like this better, because it doesn’t have the strong smell Lysol has and doesn’t have the chemicals in it. It is all natural. Now I only use this when people are sick in the home. I believe some germs are good for our bodies and make us stronger and healthier. I stand by this belief because my family get about 1-2 colds a year.

2. Work on clean the basement – Our basement got trashes these last few months, between taking out Holiday stuff and clean up all the kitchen extras (popcorn maker, bread machine, etc. – you name it and I have it in my basement and use it). Hubby and I want to work on picking it up.

3. Run errands- We want to go to kohl’s, I need meat bags and have $10 off coupon, with15 percent off too. We also need to grab a battery for my daughter quad, her and hubby want to play on them in the snow. Then The Dollar Tree, for healthy junk food snacks- crackers and pretzels for the week.

4. Then maybe time allowing and Cass feeling better, we might make the craft. I have everything we need, but if she not feeling well we can hold off.

5. Work on Business books- Close one customer’s account for the year.

How did you do on you goals from yesterday? I got 4/5 done. Working for 5/5 today! What are your goals for the day? Anything fun?

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