Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daily Goals - January 27, 2013

We yesterday trip to checkout the tractor was a waste of time. :( It was 1 1/2 trip one way and the owner didn't test it. Therefore when hubby when to see if it fired up, it wouldn't work. So he is a helpful hint to everyone that sells stuff. Check you stuff before you know you have someone coming for it!

Today's goals
1. Make fun-n-mid cupcakes for Mom's Bingo night
2. Plant my lettuce
3. Fill Girl Scout orders -get the cookies
4. Find Zip drive- I have to clean my room or something???? Ugh
5. Make lesson plans for letter Kk

I did good yesterday. I did 4/5, my Zip drive is still MIA but I know it will show up. We did change our date night in to family night and went out to dinner as a family and rented Ice Age. It was nice, everyone was just to sleepy, to have a date night.

What do you have planed for the day? Let me know

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