Friday, January 25, 2013

My crazy life doesn't have time to be sick.

I am feeling better, I'm up and moving. You won't really know I was sick if I didn't have X-rays. I went back to work on Thursday. I nanny so we were inside. They aren't feeling good there either. My poor babies. I'm working a half day on Monday to make up my sick days. This helps me not have to use, my sick days.

I am still on many medicines. I am take a nebulizer. I feel that making the most difference and my beating up my right lung, is really breaking it up. I am also drinking my tea as well. Hubby is on tea with echinacea too. He is not feeling that well, so we are helping his system get better before he is like me.

I'm not one to sit to began with, and the medicines give me energy, but I'm putting all the energy to go use to clean my house. It is scary here, the wash took over the living-room. I still have one I think, and dishes took over the sink. But easy fixes. I got my wash mostly cleaned up and hubby has two basket to put away. Hoping to have it cleaned up before Lukas comes over this afternoon to hang out a little while my brother runs around. That way he is staying in doors.

I also have two people picking up eggs today, I am selling them for a $1.00. I have to many eggs. I will use the extra money toward their feed and bedding. Yes I could get more, but way over charge for something I might have to throw out, if they aren't used and help someone else out wt the same time. At least they are paying a little for themselves. Lol Hubby loves that. He said I can get 3 more this spring! I'm so happy.

Then after that Cass will be home! We are having ham, mash potatoes for dinner, then she is off to dance. Then movie night.

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