Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Goals- January 28th 2013

Yesterday I finished all my goals but finding my Zip drive. I going to have to give up on that one for now. We spent fun family time at my parent's house. It was nice just to get together and hang out.

Today's goals-

1. Work 9-3ish ~ this month I'm working all Mondays because my boss is behind at work.

2.make dinner- hhhmmm I didn't figure out the weekly menu. I have to do that's too.

3. Run the fire- with it being so cold out I want to make sure we have a good fire.

4. Transplant seedling- I need to transplant them. That way they have more room to go.

5. Go to bed by 10. Starting this week I have to be at work by 8 so I have to leave 1/2 hour earlier.

What are you daily goals?

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