Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor appointment!

Well apparently I'm getting better, but not good X-rays. I have a mass in my lungs,but he thinks with nebulizer treatments and my hubby doing beating thearpy it should clear and get me to cough it up! Hubby thinks it awesome that he has the doctors permission to beat me. Lol but it more like hitting my back like you would burp a baby.
Well back to bed. I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Getting the machine tomorrow too. I can't wait to be over this cold.
It is hit us money hard, because hubby had to buy his dinner this weekend. So our goal for $150 this month was shot! :(
I did though ham in the crock pot today so he has that for dinner for tonight. He is a huge troop though. He got home Saturday night and by Sunday night I was in the hospital. He hasn't really got any girlfriend time with me. I feel so bad about that. I had amazing plans for us!
I'll keep you guys informed with what's going on with me, and hopeful get my site and garden back to normal soon.

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