Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tree Orders Are placed!

I just spent $86 on trees. Wow that is so much money! My goal is to have a property I can raise my family off of.
What did I get?

1 Yellow Delicious

1 Red Delicious

I can't wait for the fruit to come in. It will most likely take 2-3 years for me to get fruit, but after that we will have fruit for the next 20 years. With an investment $11, I think it worth it!

2 Moorpark Apricot trees

When I think of aprotic, I think of my mom and dad’s friend that had a tree outside their home. I can remember being a kid, and just picking the fruit and eating it. I loved it and hope my children ad there kids get the same memories.

2 Paw Paw Trees

I have been looking at Paw Paw trees for a while. I love bananas and hope that these have the taste. I told hubby I want to try to plant a different type of fruit a year, last year we got kiwi. This year I want to try these trees. I should get some fruit in 2 years. Hoping we all like it. If not the chicks won’t go hungry.  

2 Sugar Maples

I want sugar maples, because I want to learn how to tap the trees. I want to make sure we had the best try. We have a friend that taps all his maple trees. He will help us learn when our tress are old enough. I can’t wait real maple syrup. MMmmmm

2 Red Maple

1 Sliver Maple

1 Scarlet Oak

1 Red Oak

1 Sweetgum

1 White Flowering Dogwood

1 Washington Hawthorn

4 Cherry bushes

2 Forsythia

One set of these potato seeds.

All together that is 17 trees coming, plus 2 peach from my aunt, and I still need a friend for my pear. Hubby and I have a lot of planting to come this spring and most will go as a back ground in our yard so we don't have to see the shopping center behind us. Then we have the 4 cherry bushes and the 2 Forsythias to plant. I will have to see where I want them, but sshhhh don’t tell hubby I am not sure where I want them. :) The potatoes were on my list and I decided while placing the order. I should grab them too, instead of paying extra shipping.

What have you been ordering? Are you planting trees this year? If so what kind?

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  1. That is quite a forest you planted. May God bless your crop.

  2. Thank you Joan! I know it is a lot but hoping it will save us money. How is your garden coming?