Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow pictures!

The garden looks so peaceful in the snow. Snow is good for garden did you know that? It was a shock when I read it too. Reason being it add the water to the ground slowly, therefore you don't get erosion. Which can happen if it rains a lot or very hard.

Skipper loves the snow too! He was so excited to get out and play in it. Don't you love our wood pile in the drive away too, we have spend only $375 this year on heating the home, with is great! Once it gets warmer we will move it into the area it belongs cover and that will be enough for this season and start of next!

The chicks aren't happy about the weather! They are hiding in the coop, poor ladies. I sold the last of there eggs this morning, last I was selling this week. They are going to love the treat I get them for the sell of their eggs.

This is my herb garden. I wonder with all this cold weather if any of my herbs will come back up next year. I have leeks, chives, sage, and oregano in there they came back last year. So we will have to see.

Here is Cass flower garden, we planted this figuring every little girl need a safe, place to pick any flowers that she wants and play with them. It also has kept her out of my gardens. We have done this four the last 4 years. She also love that they are near her window and play area.

Another picture of the Vegetable Garden. Skipper loves having his picture taking can't you tell!

What does your garden look like? Do you like the snow on it? Or are you wishing it was springtime?
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