Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daily Goals- February 17, 2013

Today I have running around to do, and it all for Cass who isn't even home. Yesterday when ok, didn't get to knock out all my goals. I got some do, and I can see again. I'm praying next year we will have the money to get my eyes fixed. This year I'm working on getting my teeth fixed. When I was little I got brace. (I took care of my teeth, never had a cavity until I was 19.) At 16 when my brace came off, I was told all my teeth were going to rot out, because my teeth had a reaction to the glue. That was the best news I could get right? I prayed the were wrong but they weren't. Being a single mother, I didn't have the money to keep up with them, still we really don't. This is the year I put my needs first and get them done. Ok enough whining. Lol

Today's Goals
1. Run around for Cass- pick up Girl Scout cookie, drop them off at my moms and my aunts
2. Clean up the livingroom- it needs so help.
3. Work on- weekly goals, weekly garden goals, weekly menu
4. Give the pets a bath- the cat hasn't had one in 6 months and the dog is stinky
5. Clean garden pots- I didn't get to it yesterday. I need to start my seeds.

There is so much to do, but never enough time hope you find time to get your stuff done today.

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