Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hubby an amazing deal ~ Chocolate Chips $0.19 a bag!!

I don't normal send hubby to the grocery store. First of all he can't buy what is only on the list. Then he comes home with $50 in meat. Does not help us stay on budget it. He is getting it though, and his favorite place in our Gaint is the clearance rack. He found his favorite gum there for $.25 a pack one time, and he goes back every time.

OK his amazing find, today he went to the store to get egg rolls, we decide the beef and rice need them. He calls me and tells me they have chocolate chips on sale for $.69 on his clearance rack.

What was left on the shelf after we took ours.

He was so excited, because he knows they are costly.

My Coupons
I tell him I have coupons for $1.00 off 2! We go back to the store after dinner.

10 chocolate chip bags for $1.90

I pick up 10 bags of cholocate chips for $1.90. I am so excited, I told him Thursday we will make cookies for him!
Have you found any good deals?


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