Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daily Goals- February 20, 2013

We had another busy night. I got home a little after 7pm we ate dinner and than ran out to the stores. I got chocolate chips for $.19 a bag. And I couldn't find the target cereal deal. :( oh well

Today's goals
1. Work 8-6 that means I have to get out of bed! I not going to get any of my morning course done, oh well it's warm in bed. Lol
2. Go to the store and hit target.
3. Make dinner. Our dinner is easy we are adding egg rolls to the beef and rice. And counting it as a leftover
4. Clean kitchen. Hoping hubby and I can knock it out like we did with the living room
5. Stick to my 20mins at home blogging routine. I like to blog when the little ones are napping. This way when I get home I'm not a mom and wife to the computer. I am to my family. My weekends I give myself time to blog and use it as my personal down time.

What are your goals for the day? Are you doing anything special?

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