Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daily Goals - February 19, 2013

I got home last night and just want to crash. Therefore I didn't get to plant my pepper seeds. I know I won't get to them until Friday now. Oh well, I'll do them then. I'm also having trouble finding gardening tips, it so hard when your aren't in the garden. I did down load a book that full of tips, so hopeful I find some worth sharing!

Today's Goals
1. Work 8am-6pm
2. Make breaded pork chops for dinner
3. Help out at my daughters school- market day 7-8. It going to be a late dinner
4. Clean the mud room- hubby and I knocked out the living room during commercial last night! It looks so nice, and was quick because we worked together.
5. Work on updating my $150 a month budget, and decide if I want to up the about to spend a month.

It was so nice to have hubby help me with the living room last night. It was. Nice to wake up to a clean living room. This morning, I cleaned all the dishes and switch the wash. Now I have a halfway clean home. How do you keep your home clean?

What are your daily goals?

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