Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily goals- Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's the last day in February 1/6 of the year is gone. Tomorrow I'm going to look through my yearly goals and see how I am doing on them. I know sticking to grocery budget is not going very well, I'm $50.70 over each month I might have to adjust budget to something more reasonable. I also have not hit the gym so I'm going to have to start getting onto that goal too! How are you doing with your yearly goals?
Today's goals
1. Stop at the Acme and get the cereal deal two cans of cream of broccoli for dinner
2. Work- From 8 AM until 6 PM
3. Library- What a my little ones have a class and I would like to get my new book gone girl by Jillian Flynn
4. Make dinner- Tonight we are having broccoli and beef stirfry beef fried rice and egg rolls
5. Figure out Facebook new link.

Today is another busy day. I'm excited for this weekend when it's my dirty house and my garden that I have to focus on. Did you already make your weekend plans? What are they?

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