Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making apple chips

I love making homemade apple chips and I'm making a tray of pineapple chips too!

While I was in Lancaster yesterday, we stopped and got about 19 apples and 1 pineapple for only $2.00. They are a little bruised, that why they were so cheap. I decide there, I would cut the bruised part out and dry them for snack for Cass.

Here is what you need to make your own apple chips;
1/4 Lemon or lime juice

You first add the lime juice to the bowl.

Then you add the water to the bowl, about 3 cups.

Then I cut off the bruised part of the pineapple.

After that I sliced the pineapple and but it on the drying tray. I use a fruit dryer, it is easier for me then using our oven. Also hubby is planning on building me a solar one this year! I can't wait.

I cut up the apples next. Now I cut a little skin off, but leave most on. It depend on your taste it you leave it on or not.

I put them in the lime water mix, and let them soak as I cut more apple. This helps them not turn brown and kills anything that was on them.

I put them on the dryer rack and up them on the dryer.

I add cinnamon to the last 3 trays. Cinnamon is very good for you and will give an apple pie taste. But only add a little when dried a little goes along way.

After I fill all my trays, I turn the dry on it will take about 12-24 hours to dry them. Cass can't wait, she has already decide she was taking them to school this week.

I still had 5 apple left over! Maybe apple bread this week, I'll have to see what everyone wants.

The bruised apples will go to the chicks. They will love this!

I did not give my cores parts to the chicks, I know apple seeds are poisons, and I don't want to poison them or us after eating there eggs. To the compost they went. I will post later on what I did with the lime water mixture. I'll just saying we didn't waste anything. :)

How do you save your food? Do you dry your fruits and veggies, or canning them, or cook with them, or freeze them?

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