Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gardening- red strawberry seeds

Thank to my seed trading I got red strawberry seeds. (You can see all the seeds I got from the trade here http://missy-lifeofaworkingmom.blogspot.com/2013/02/gardening-trading-seeds.html) I planted them right next to my white strawberries.

I planted them just like the rest of my plants. The only thing that was different is I accidentally mixed them with two of my pots of white strawberries. Oops oh well onto like I could have picked those little seeds out.

Now I should have over 36 different strawberry plants coming up. I can't wait. I have such go idea to put them in a pyramid make out of pallets. Then I will have enough strawberries to eat and make jam. I would also love to have enough to dry too!
What is one of the plants you would love to get more fruit or veggie out and why?


  1. How have your strawberries (whiteOnes) done in the past for you. We are in Western Pa and I just bought some any tips I would love to see these produce!!

  2. I have never grown the white berries before. This is the frist year. I'm hoping the will produces like the red. I would say I got a pint a week for the red but only had 6-8 plants. And a little one that pick and eats so the count could be higher. I got strawberries for about a month. Good luck with your berries!