Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gardening- My Day in the Garden

Today we spent 3 hours out in the yard to day. Our yard needs a lot of TLC, so we will be spend as much time as we can to get out there and working on it. (Oh sorry about the picture, had to pull it off Facebook, my pictures didn't save.)

I spend time pulling weeds and moving wood out of my garden box. I also turned the soil with my hoe. I do this so the little weed seeds start to grow.

I also had some little helpers, helping me in the garden box. They were find all my weeds and eating them. Lol

I also had someone want to help, but he isn't the biggest helper. He would rather just eat the stuff, therefore he can't be in the garden.

Here is the finish project! A nice clean garden area. My carrots, radish and beets are going to be planted here I can't wait!

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