Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily goals- Monday February 11, 2013

This weekend was a busy one! Cass and I had a lot of running around to do. We went to Lancaster and had breakfast, and we also got chicken feed, and traded seeds. Then she had a father daughter dance. Then Sunday she had Girl Scout cookie both, her best friend came over and then she went to her best friends house. After that we went to my parents and hubby got home from drill. This weekend went so fast.

Today goals

1. Make weekly goals, weekly menu, and post weekly garden goals
2. Update last weeks menu with recipe and attach to this week's menu
3. Work 9am-2pm
4. Make dinner
5. Come up with ideas for gardening tips

This weekend I didn't write down any goals, but we were so busy. Now time to get the house back in order and be ready for the new week. This is hubby last week at this job, and then he is back on days! I can't wait! No more 10min days for us!

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