Monday, July 22, 2013

Cooking ~ Meal Plan for 07/22/2013 - 07/28/2013

This week we were out of town for the weekend. Therefore I won't be cooking on those day. I'm excited not to cook, but it means we are going to spend money on food. Ugh. To save some I'm packing up dinner and breakfast to take with us.

Jul 22 -◦ Monday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Dine Out (Lunch)
Pot Beef Tips In Crockpot (Dinner)
Peas (Dinner)

Jul 23 -◦ Tuesday
Pancakes (Breakfast)
Bread Pork Chops (Dinner)
Mash Potatoes (Dinner)
Peas (Dinner)

Jul 24 -◦ Wednesday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Leftover (Lunch)
Chicken Pram (Dinner)

Jul 25 -◦ Thursday
Pancakes (Breakfast)
Leftover (Lunch)
Bologna Sandwich (Dinner)

Jul 26 -◦ Friday
Bagel With Cream Cheese (Breakfast)

Jul 27 -◦ Saturday

Jul 28 -◦ Sunday

What are you cooking this week?

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