Monday, July 8, 2013

Gardening Tips - Awww Bug in the Garden What do you do?

Ok my garden is being overtaking by Ants, not one like 100 in each box. They aren't even the same kind! I have big ones, little ones, and tiny ones.

I have been researching how to get rid of them. I don't want to use poison, I don't want to kill other bugs or put poison on my food. 
First thing I did was read a book ('Dances with Ants (Healthy Home Series)' by Invisible Gardenerthat I download a few months ago for free from amazon. I would recommend it more for people with ants in the house. There are a few ideas for controlling in the garden too. I did use one and watch them run. Ok this is going to sound wrong, but I was soooo happy to see them running. Apparently they don't like cinnamon. I love this idea, but could get costly.

I also did some research on natural ways to get rid of ants and other bugs! I found this awesome site that has so much information on ways to get rid of bugs! If you are having any issues you should check out 45 Natural Pest Control Tips.

Do you have any tips on getting ride of pest in the garden? Let me know 

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