Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daily Goals- Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This morning I got done all my morning chores. Plus we walked the dog. Then we made it to work on time and we had a wonderfully healthy breakfast.

Today’s Goals
1. Work-  I am working today from 8am-6pm. 
2. Art Class- today the little ones have art class! Then weare going to go on a picnic. I think today is a prefect park day!
3. Cleaning- post new clean routine and work on cleaning our room. 
4. Stay awake- last night I was up 3 times with the baby. It's harder than I remember.
5. Reading - read the rest of "Accidental Farmer"

Yesterday's Goals
1.     Work ~ I am back to work today! I work 8am- 6pm. I missed my little ones so this will be a great day. - I had a wonderful time with the little ones!
2.    Gardening ~ go around the garden and see what is going on. Being gone for 4 days a lot happens in the garden. - I have many cucmbers to harvest and zucchini to harvest. 
3.    Gardening ~ Harvest Cucumbers and pick out some seeds- I didn't get to harvest. By the time I got the baby to bed it was dark. 
4.    Cooking~ Make dinner, I am switching Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s dinners. Here what we are eating this week Weely Menu- I cooked dinner Mmmm this was good. 
5.    Cleaning ~ I made a daily and weekly clean schedule up. This is what I want the family to help me with every night after dinner. Today is the Mudroom turn. - I didn't get to post about my new clean schedule. I did though get to clean the Mudroom! 

What are your plans for today? What are your goals?

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