Sunday, July 21, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Time I walk outside and didn't die from heat

Good Morning. I set my coffee pot and it didn’t work. I have to figure out why today. I have been focus most of my time off to cleaning up the kitchen. It is not that the rest of my house doesn’t need it to. It is just the first place that should be clean. I love being home to clean up and have the time to organize it. Plus dinner is on the table when hubby gets home. I am not beat or stressed at night.

Today’s Goals
1.     Gardening -Weed the Sunflower area, the weeds have gone crazy!

2.    Gardening – Weed the herb garden

3.     Church - I love my faith and believe fully in it. But right now I’m breaking one of their many rules. I lived with Justin, and even though we are getting married. I hear a lot about, not being married. I fully understand why there are against it. I have been living this way for 6 years before I got involved in the church. At this point it is unconvertible to go. They talk about marriage so much to me. Therefore I made the decision to wait until we were married to go back and read at home. There for today I want to read scriptures today and set up routine, for studying.

4.    Freecycling~ While cleaning out the kitchen, I came across stuff I don’t need or want anymore.  I want to post them on freecycling.

5.    Cleaning~ I have been doing awesome in the kitchen. I have reorganized all but to cabinets. Today I want to organized them and clean out the refrigerator.
Off to Doggie Day Care

Yesterday’s Goals

1.     Take the Skipper to Doggie Day Care. Yes I know that sound crazy, but we leave for vacation in a week and he is going to be kenneled. I don’t want him to think we won’t be back for him. I also want him to trust the people there. ~ He had a great time.

2.    Gardening - Harvesting Garlic. I have planted the soft neck garlic and it is starting to fall over which I read means it is ready to be harvest! I’m hoping to post about this today!
Garlic bulb
3.    Gardening -Weed the Sunflower area, the weeds have gone crazy! – it was too hot to stay out so long

4.    Gardening - Weed Box 2, my lettuce and replant spinach and lettuce for fall harvest. Looks 100 times better

5.    Gardening – Collect some spinach seeds. – Seeds are starting to dry.
Cleaned up and planted for fall
What are your goals today?

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