Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cooking - Rethinking What We Eat

I am reading a book on way Americans are always sick. It doesn't make sence why so many people are sick. Really think about it. 

I start to garden to give my family a chance to eat organic food. The difference in a grocery store is you pay triple the cost for food if it is organic. That drives me crazy! I can not afford $1.50 -$2 for a cucumber. When we could eat two for a snack. I'm looking at $4 for a snack. I think what really got to me and made me truly believe having a garden is best. Was when I was at the grocery store and was hungry for an apple, I bought one it was $1.05. Ok this apple wasn't organic so it had chemical on it. I went and checked out. They had candy bars on sale 2 for $1. I was so mad. How can they be cheaper and so unhealthy? How is a mother that doesn't have much money not go for the cheaper snack? I mean you get too for the price of the apple and your kids want that more! Ugh 

How are the cost of the grocery store effecting you and what you buy? What are your opinions on eating organic verse  nonorganic? 

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