Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This morning I slept in so much going on here today. I want to save some seeds for next year. I have an appointment, and need to clean out my car. Busy here, and hoping the rain holds out until tonight!

Today’s Goals

1.        Gardening ~ Weed the garden Box 3 and around the inside of the fence.

2.        Cleaning ~ Work on the wash and clean our bedroom.

3.        Personal ~ off to the dentist, It has been over 3 weeks after my surgery. Now I have to go back and tell them they missed 2 parts of my two teeth in my mouth. Plus I’m going to get fitted to fix the ones they pulled out. I’m praying in a 3 weeks I will have my smile back.

4.       Personal ~ I want to stop by my grandma’s and say happy birthday! I’m going to drop off eggs too, for them. They don’t know it!

5.        Gardening~ Cean up my dill seeds, save some for next year and some for cooking.

Yesterday’s Goals

1.        Gardening ~ Weed garden box 1 and 2. They are in good shape so it shouldn’t be that hard. I want to stay on top of it. It is nice to only have to spend 20 minutes weeding when you are on top of everything.
2.        Gardening ~ Harvest some potatoes for dinner. You can read how I harvest my potatoes at Gardening goals - harvesting potatoes.  I harvest over 21oz of potatoes yesterday. They taste awesome fresh. Hubby loved them!

3.        Yard work~ I guess more like chicken work, I need to make a separate pin for my baby chicks for the weekend. Hopeful the rain will let me. Hubby and I got out there, not the best looking coop, but it will work to separate the big chicks from the little ones. Plus it didn’t cost a dime! I will try to post what we did today.

4.       Cleaning~ I want to clean the mudroom and reorganize the closet. House is coming together. The mudroom is clean, kitchen looks awesome.

5.        Personal ~ Write Weekly Goals and stick to them. I’m hoping to get this posted today.

What are your goals for today? Sorry no picture., my camera is dead.

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