Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Goals- 7/1-7/6

This week is a holiday week! It's a short at work.
My goals on my planner

This weeks goals
2. Stick to My Weekly Menu
3. Make 4th of July - thank you cards, for over sea soldiers 
4. Work on Cass Summer homeschool- I do the next year work with her during the summer. This gives me a chance to help her learn what she going to need to know for this up coming year. 
5. Work- I work 2 days this week. 
6.Try to stick to cleaning schedule- the house is a mess and I feel like I can't keep up. 
7.writw a love letter to hubby! He has be such a big help. It important to make sure he know how much he means to me!
8. Writw a book review for Weekend Homesteader: June 
10. Play 2 board games this week. 

What are your goals for this week?

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