Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daily Goals ~ July 20th, 2013

Looks like rain again
Did you get hit with a bad storm yesterday? We did last night, lost power for half hour. It was too sticky for that, so after the storm passed Hubby and I jumped into the pool. The storm did water everything for me and cold this off that way, I can get into my garden today.

Today’s Goals 
1.     Take the Skipper to Doggie Day Care. Yes I know that sound crazy, but we leave for vacation in a week and he is going to be kenneled. I don’t want him to think we won’t be back for him. I also want him to trust the people there.

2.    Gardening - Harvesting Garlic. I have planted the soft neck garlic and it is starting to fall over which I read means it is ready to be harvest!

3.    Gardening -Weed the Sunflower area, the weeds have gone crazy!

4.    Gardening - Weed Box 2, my lettuce and replant spinach and lettuce for fall harvest.

5.    Gardening – Collect some spinach seeds.

I also have some running around to do today and I want to clean the kitchen. I am hoping to get almost everything done before hubby gets home from work. So I can’t spend the rest of the time with him!

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