Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gardening goals - picking raspberries

My little one spotting a raspberry bush

This week one of the weekly gardening goals  is to harvest raspberries. They are in season now, taste so good just picked off the vine. It is the only time I have raspberries in the house.  I refuse to pay $4.99 for a pint of raspberries. Therefore we go around our area and pick them.
My Little One Picking them
I would rather My Little One eating wild raspberries anyway. Why? For a couple of reasons, one being they don’t have chemicals on them. No one goes around spraying the wild raspberry bushes with chemical. To me that is a huge deal. 
I getting them too

Other reason being they are natural. The ways God intend them to be. No one genetically modified them changed them to make them bigger or redder or anything.
2 lbs of raspberries! MMMM
Is 20 minutes of my time worth saving at least $25, for natural organic raspberries worth my time? Yes! The time with My Little One is worth every minute. We will be heading back out today, for some more raspberries and some leaves this time.

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