Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Proposal

On May 3, 2013 was the first time we had a Friday off together and didn't have any kids. (I was watching my nephew every Friday to help out my brother) I was teasing him on that day about getting married and getting on his knees and asking me. He was saying he was to old to get on his knees. (He is on 33 years old)

We decide to take a bike ride. He took me to a local park. We walked around. He talked about finding a place to sit down, but we couldn't find a spot. There were so many kids because of field trips.  We walked around the park and then headed home.  (I didn't know this was his plan A, I was caring the ring in my backpack)

Then we decide to go out to dinner. Hubby and I don't have many date nights. It was so nice to go out together. Dinner wasn't so exciting though. Our waitress wasn't very good, our food wasn't that good either. We enjoy our time together but it wasn't that romantic. (his plan B didn't go well)

Got home, he got on his knees and started to kiss me. Joking I say, "You can get on, your knees". He say! Do you want to?" I look at him and say, "I was teasing." He looks at me and says, "He wasn't" and puts the ring on my figure. I say, "YES". 

It was a wonderful night he told me about him trying to ask a few times that day. Did we pick a night? Of course, come back next Wednesday and I will tell you the date we become Mr. And Mrs.

Here is the post that tells you about our background at 

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