Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gardening - Weeding

My yard
I know this might sound crazy, but I love to weed my gardens. Now I know you think they look crazy and you are right! With the rain, working, and the mosquitoes being so bad at night, I haven't been able to get into them.

My helper!

I have 12 garden boxes. Getting into them everyday is the only way to keep the up with the weeds. With the weather we are having in Pa it is either rain or to hot. That way I'm so behind.  I have to get on a role though my best friend is coming down in a month. 

So much nice cleaned up
I spend 2 hours in two weeding my garden boxes. I took 20 minute break each hour because of the heat and drank two glass of water. They look so nice now! 

This one was a push it was hot out
When do you get a chance to weed your garden? Do you go in in the morning or night? 

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