Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gardening Tips - Grow raspberries for free by using cuttings

I want to take some cutting of the black raspberries that are wild near use.  I don't know how so here are some sites with awesome tips on how to plant raspberry cuttings. This is a way to get raspberry for free if you have them wild around you or your friend doesn't mind you cutting some.

Thank you How for the photo
I really like how eHow tell you step by step on how to make the cutting and when to plant them. eHow also has a page on How to Grow Raspberry Plants From Clippings this has so much information on it.
Thank you to Keith Ward

Another site that I love is All About Growing Raspberries - Mother Earth New. This site has so much information of different types raspberries and how to grow them.

Here is a help video. I love watch and reading it is very helpful for me. 

I have never done this, but looking forward to trying. Have you ever used clippings to grow new raspberries? Any tips you want to share? 

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