Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daily Goals- Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good morning , I didn't sleep that we'll. I had to get up and hour early, but I guess my body was afraid I would sleep in. I woke you 3 times between 3:30am-5am. That means today is going to fun! I did though get up, work on some dishes, do a load of wash, feed the dog, cat, and chicks. Then hang the wash and marinate the steak for dinner. Then head to work.

Looks nice, but already humid

Today's Goals
1. Work- I have to be in early. I work from 7:15am-6pm. 

2. Art Class- we found this awesome local art class. It $1 a kid, and the projects are cute. They read a story and sing with the kids. I love it. The kids love it too. We then have a picnic and play at the park area. It nice. 

3. Make dinner- I'm cooking chicken for my boss, and we have a steak marinating at home.  Hubby going to grill it when I'm on my way home. 

4. Shopping- Go to Family Dollar. I have $6 to the store I have to use today. I also have to check my Walgreen money and us it if I have too. 

5. Gardening~ Figure out weekly goals and post them

Doesn't it look peaceful?

Yesterday's Goals
1.     Gardening~ Figure out weekly goals and post them. - I didn't get it done. I left my book at home. 

2.    Gardening ~ Research a good pickle recipe, I want to pickle a few jars of cucumber. Some sweet and some with a bit. - I found many recipes I would like to try! You can see my favorites  harvesting and canning cucumbers (mmmm pickles). I can't wait to try them.

3.    Work~ I work 8am-6pm today. - Ended up getting out late. You can tell my poor boss really need her up coming vacation. 

4.    Movies~ I am taking the little one to see a movie today. This will be their first! I’m so excited for them! - we had a blast! 3 kids and 1 adult it costed us $7 for the movie and snacks! You can't beat that. Look up you local theater and see if the have $1 movie days!

5.    Cleaning ~ work on dishes and counter, have them cleaned before bed. - I worked on the dishes and counters, but they weren't clean before bed! I just get so sleepy when I get home and don't want to do any thing. Ugh

How did you do with your goals yesterday? 3 1/2 isn't that bad right?

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